Hoval develops and produces components for heat, cold and moisture recovery based on more than 40 years of experience. These systems are used in ventilation units and processing technology. They utilise the same energy multiple times and thus achieve considerable savings in primary energy



Decentralised solution


Maximum flexibility

The Hoval indoor climate system creates a comfortable climate in large interior areas while ­minimizing energy consumption. Unlike centralized systems, it has a modular structure in which one system contains multiple and possibly different indoor climate units. This guarantees maximum adaptability and flexibility in all phases: planning, installation, operation and maintenance.

Precise Control

Control and regulation systems developed specifically for decentralized systems reliably ensure optimal use of resources and in this way keep operating costs down. The indoor climate units are regulated individually and controlled based on zones. The system flexibly adjusts to local requirements.

Duct-free Hygiene

The indoor climate systems are installed on the ceiling or in the roof, distributed throughout the interior. They inject supply air directly into the interior without requiring supply air and exhaust ducts. This is advantageous in terms of space requirements, hygiene and efficiency.

Patented Air Distribution

Indoor climate systems from Hoval are masters in saving energy. They break down the temperature stratification in interiors, keeping heat loss through the roof to a minimum. Thanks to their high ventilation efficiency, less air needs to be circulated and treated, saving electrical power and reducing ventilation heat requirements.

phe4 Resource-saving operation
phe5 Highly efficient air distribution reduces operating costs
phe6 Tailored solution for any large space
phe7 Delivered ready to plug in with integrated control components