Our company, Lin Ka Services Co. Ltd, is a solution & equipment provider for indoor environment, energy saving and protective solutions in Vietnam.

Our scope of services as the followings:


  • Energy saving
  • Indoor environment
  • Protective solution


  • Air Conditioning System – Tica (China & USA)
  • Blast Valve & Blast Door – Temet (Finland)
  • Heat Recovery Wheel – Seibu Giken (Japan & China)
  • Humidifier – Condair (UK)
  • Plate Heat Exchanger (Air – Air) – Hoval
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator – Holtop (China)
  • Fire Damper & Smoke Damper & Kichen Hood – Halton (Finland)

Installation & Repair & Maintenance

Service team have more than 10 years experience of installation & repair and maintenance these equipment below:

  • Water/Air cooled Chiller
  • Air Handling Unit/ Fan Coil Unit (AHU/ FCU)
  • Air conditioner: split and package unit, VRF system, Precision Air Conditioner, CRAC
  • Fan
  • Heat Recovery Wheel/ Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Humidifier
  • Dehumidifier
  • Fire damper/ Smoke damper
  • Explosion-proof equipment

Our key customers/markets:

  • Key Owners/Developers
  • M&E Consultants
  • M&E Contractors
  • EPC Contractors: Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical and General Industry

Function as a distributor specialize in high-end products for Building/Construction and Industrial equipment.