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Seibu Giken Co. Ltd

The founder of Seibu Giken, a Kyushu University reseacher, established the company in 1965. Seibu Giken has manufactured heat wheels over 35 years. “HI-PANEX-ION” wheels are manufactured of coated aluminum sheets and Ion Exchange Resin “desiccant” for commercial air-to-air heat recovery applications in building ventilation systems.


The world/s first ion adsorption exhaust heat recovery unit with improved IAQ. This heat exchanger rotor meets a variety of customer needs and is completely developed and manufacturered using our exclusive technology. Furthermore, for its effectiveness in solving the problem of odor transfer and energy conversation, it gained acclaim in 1998 as the world/s first ion adsorption type total heat exchanger.

The Hi-Panex heat wheel is manufactured by winding flat and corrugated sheets of high quality aluminum substrate to form a fluted “honeycomb” structure. The corrugated flutes provide strong support, while the interleafed flat sheets prevent nesting or collapsing of flutes. The face of the wheel is ground and polished to form a smooth surface for long seal life. Both the Sensible and Enthalpy wheels are manufactured using the same aluminum substrate and construction.

Sensible wheels transfer thermal energy only and do not adsorb moisture. Enthalpy wheels transfer both heat and moisture from one air stream to another. Ion resin is permanently bonded to the aluminum and then coated with an anti-bacterial and mold proof treatment that lasts the lifetime of the heat exchanger.
This feature allows for the use of the Hi-Panex Enthalpy wheel for pre-treatment of outside air for ventilation of buildings to improve indoor air quality. Most commercial building applications can take advantage of the Enthalpy heat exchanger while some laboratories utilize the Sensible heat recovery wheel to avoid the transfer of moisture or other vapors.


  1. Best solution for cross contamination

  2. Minimal air leakage

  3. Excellent energy saving effect especially for long summer/winter season areas

  4. More value-added features

  1. Được chứng nhận bởi Eurovent và AHRI*


To enhance Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Seibu Giken’s wheels have been satisfactorily used in hundreds of laboratories, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and office buildings throughout Asia, Europe and North America for more than 15 years. Hi-Panex heat exchangers with Hi-moisture transfer reduces up to 80% of the humidity load of the outside air used for ventilating office buildings, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels.

If you require further information or if you would like to have a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reference list in Vietnam

  • Novotel Song Han Hotel – Danang province

  • Mien Dong International Hospital – Binh Duong province

  • SSG Tower – HCM City

  • Imexpharm pharmaceutical factory – HCM City

  • Olam coffee factory – Dong Nai province